Uncommon Type: Tom Hanks!

Happy Release Day to the one and only, Tom Hanks! The two-time Oscar-award winner is releasing his very first book, a collection of short stories.


1101946156_bA collection of seventeen wonderful short stories showing that two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks is as talented a writer as he is an actor.

A gentle Eastern European immigrant arrives in New York City after his family and his life have been torn apart by his country’s civil war. A man who loves to bowl rolls a perfect game–and then another and then another and then many more in a row until he winds up ESPN’s newest celebrity, and he must decide if the combination of perfection and celebrity has ruined the thing he loves. An eccentric billionaire and his faithful executive assistant venture into America looking for acquisitions and discover a down and out motel, romance, and a bit of real life. These are just some of the tales Tom Hanks tells in this first collection of his short stories. They are surprising, intelligent, heartwarming, and, for the millions and millions of Tom Hanks fans, an absolute must-have!


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0000001740673_p0_v1_s260x185TOM HANKS has been an actor, screenwriter, director and, through Playtone, a producer.  His writing has appeared in The New York TimesVanity Fair, and The New Yorker.  This is his first collection of fiction.



Liebster Award!

I have been nominated by: My Personal Thing and A Scholarly Skater. Thank you both so much for the nomination! ❤


Here are the official rules for the Liebster Award nomination:

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  • Include these rules in the postth_SNOOPYreading_bookMy Questions for my nominees: 

    1. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you choose and why?
    2. If you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead, who would you choose? (You can pick more than one–have  a dinner party!)
    3. What’s your favorite color?
    4. Books or movies?
    5. If you could go on an adventure to anywhere, with anyone, what would you pick?
    6. Favorite tv show?
    7. What do you love about blogging?
    8. What do you hate about blogging?
    9.Where is your favorite place to be?
    10. Tell a random fact about yourself!

    My nominees are:
    {I’m sorry there’s not 10!}

    swirl-divider-purple-smallI’ve answered both series of questions from those who nominated me:
    1. Favourite game?
    Well, if you mean like a board game, I’m going to go with Monopoly. I was terrible at it as a kid, but I’ve gotten better at it. Computer games, I’m going with the Assassin’s Creed series.

    2. Anything you would like to learn that you haven’t learned already?/
    I’d like to learn French and Spanish.

    3. What is your dream job?
    To work at Colonial Williamsburg.

    4. Films or books?
    I love both! Do I have to choose?

    5. Furthest place you have traveled to?
    Roatan, Honduras. I was on a cruise. We also stopped in Cozumel, Mexico, Belize and Grand Cayman Island.

    6. Favourite part about blogging?

    All the wonderful people I’ve met. :]

    7. Most memorable part about blogging?

    Getting to talk to authors I might not have ever gotten to meet and to talk about their work.

    8. Favourtie song?

    All time? Ugh, you’re killing me! Haha. “Let It Be” by the Beatles.

    9. Favourite musical artist/band?
    Artist: Right now, I’m really into Sam Smith.
    Band: Backstreet Boys. (LoL, I know.)

    10. Favourite artistic/creative artist?
    Vincent van Gogh and Frida Kahlo. I also like Renaissance art.


Pick any work of art or artifact from any time or place to display in your home. Feel free to ignore all practical concerns when answering this question.

This is such an awesome question. I would take La Scapigliata by Leonardo da Vinci. I’d want to have a Da Vinci Code-esque adventure to get it first though, lol.

What was your major in college and why did you pick it?
I didn’t actually finish college, but I had hoped to major in history with a minor in British Literature. I love history and I really enjoy BritLit.

Imagine that you wake up one morning and have a rare day off, with no responsibilities whatsoever. How do you spend the day?
Sleeping, haha.

Describe your personal sense of style by referring to the characters or pop culture icons it most resembles.
<—Basically my style, lol.

Who is your role model and why?

I don’t think I really have one. I’m just kind of me and  I don’t want to look up to someone who will disappoint. But if I had to pick, perhaps I’d pick Alice Roosevelt, Theodore’s daughter. He once commented, “I can either run the country or I can attend to Alice, but I cannot possibly do both.” So, that tells you something about her. 🙂

What is your favorite non-fiction book (because everyone always asks about fiction)?

Do you think a movie can ever be better than the book it’s based upon? (I know I’m being scandalous here!)
It can! Forrest Gump is a perfect example because Book!Forrest is actually a bit of an ass and he’s mean! Movie!Forrest is just perfect. He’s emotional in a way that I don’t think book version is. I just love the movie version so much more. (And Tom Hanks is just amazing to me.)

What is your dream job (real or invented)?
I answered this, but I’d really love to work at Colonial Williamsburg. 🙂 I just love it there.

What would the title of your memoir be?
“God bless you, blow your nose.’
I have terrible allergies and I’m always sneezing…so my mom always says that to me. I joked I’d name my memoirs said title.

Would you rather have an unlimited, forever-replenishing supply of good books, cute clothing, or yummy snacks?

I have so many books and snacks are easy to come by. But I’m a big girl, so cute clothing in my size would be fantastic!

Pick a foreign language that you want to learn.
Well, I said French and Spanish already, but I’d also like to learn how to speak Italian or Greek.


Mama always said….

One of my favourite actors of all time is none other than Thomas Jeffery Hanks. I find it’s impossible to dislike him. He is one of those actors whose work I love and as a person, I have heard nothing but lovely, wonderful things. It is my hope to someday meet him and be able to tell him these things myself. Picking a favorite film of his is damn near impossible, though mostly everyone will tell you I love him as Forrest Gump, I love him in Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code and countless others. I grew up with him; just as I grew up with Robin Williams who I posted about in August. (I still can’t believe he’s gone.) Anyway, you’re probably wondering, “Clarissa, why are you babbling about Tom Hanks on a book blog?”

Well, I’m babbling about Tom Hanks on my book blog because Tom Hanks is writing a book!

That’s right! The man who signs himself off as ‘Hanx’ on Twitter and is known for his love of vintage typewriters, is venturing into the world of literature. I’m quite excited to see what he comes up with. Whilst there is no title nor a release date as of yet, Alfred A. Knopf will be the publisher. It will be a collection of short stories. If his vast array of movies and the roles he chooses are any indication, I think his book will be just as memorable.

If you’d like a taste of Mr. Hanks’ fiction, check out “Alan Bean Plus Four” on the New Yorker. Hope you enjoy it–it was a fun little read.

You can also listen to a clip of him reading it to you.


An ‘Inferno’ will begin in April…

Since I’m expressing excitement for movies based upon books, I thought I’d spaz over Tom Hanks and Ron Howard reteaming for another ‘Robert Langdon’ film. Filming shall begin in April and I’m excited. I absolutely love Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series and I’m hoping that ‘Inferno’ will be just as good–if not better- than the last two. Curiously, they skipped over ‘The Lost Symbol’, the third book in the series, however, I am not really complaining. Ron and Tom are an excellent team and make amazing films together. I remember when ‘The Da Vinci Code’ came out and I read it in four hours. I sat on the bed and read. I was absolutely enthralled with the story and I wanted more. I’m glad Dan Brown is sticking with Robert Langdon. He’s a great protagonist and his attention to detail is fantastic. I know there are some who would disagree but, well, I’m an odd duck.

Another fun note; when I read the book, I almost instantly thought of Tom Hanks as Robert. It was one of the few times that I read a book, thought of an actor and actually saw him up on screen. I love Tom’s movies and I will almost always see it if I can. I don’t know the release date for this one, but they start filming in April…and whenever ‘Inferno’ comes out…I’ll be there. I imagine they’d aim for a Christmas 2015 release, however they may not want to compete with ‘Avatar 2’. (Another film I’m looking forward to!) Whenever it comes out, I’ll be ready. Allons-y!  (I couldn’t resist.)