Mystery Blogger Award!

captureI won an award today! I am so flattered and I owe thanks to the amazing Andrea at Andrea’s Nirvana today for this one. 🙂 I am always honored when one of my fellow bloggers thinks enough of me to send me one. It’s sometimes a lonely thing, blogging. But then when people like or comment on your posts, it feels worth it. And the days you get an award, you can’t help but feel pretty special. I had a rough day yesterday, with WordPress trying to delete me. (Apparently, I had violated the terms of service, though I have no idea how? But fortunately, they reinstated me.) So thank you a million times, Andrea, you really made my day!



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My best and most popular post seems to be my ‘Why I Hate Fifty Shades‘ one! It’s kind of amusing to me but I am definitely not complaining. I like the dialogue it created. I liked knowing I wasn’t alone in how I felt. Granted, I”m sure people disagreed, but none felt the need to troll and bash me, so I’ll take that as a win any day of the week.

Andrea asked me five questions…

  1. Favorite magic system? 

    I was going to say Floo Powder, but I think Apparating would be rather handy. Unless you get spliced…

  2. Favorite post to write?
    I swear, you’re going to laugh, but my favorite post was my Why I Hate Fifty Shades. I felt much better once I got it out of my system and that there were other people who felt the same.
    Other posts that are my favorites are my interview with C. W. Gortner, my features in books I’m SUPER excited for. It’s like picking a child, stop making me choose! Lol.
  3. Last song you listened to?

    This one!  It’s a Linkin Park remix and it’s so damn good.

  4. Weirdest dream you ever had?

    I became Pope. That was pretty weird. But definitely interesting!

  5. Did it ever happen that you made up a memory? Or that you feel like a memory is made up?

    I swear my parents make up stuff about me, haha. But honestly, knowing myself as I do, I can’t say that they’re made up, they’re true. I was a bit of a character as a kid and I still am now.


  1. I don’t plan on ever having children. I love them, but they’re not for me. I can barely take care of myself! I find it so weird when people remind me that ‘the clock is ticking!’ Um, no, it’s not. The clock was never started for that.
  2. I collect postcards! I love them. I would love more, so if any of you would like to exchange postcards, I’m totally down to send you one from here. 🙂
  3. My left eye is bigger than my right eye. There. That’s a thing you know now.


1. Here’s my ‘funny’ question. If you had to pick a song from a Disney movie to describe your life, which would you pick and why?

2. My weird question. Team Edward or Team Jacob?! lmao. No, who is your book crush and why?

3. What is the worst book you have ever read?

4. What is the ugliest book cover you’ve ever seen?

5. Do you like to listen to music when you read?


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