Get in Touch!

Happily accepting fiction of most sorts!
(Historical fiction is my favorite!)
No Sci-Fi, Erotica or children’s books. They do not interest me at all.
(And I haven’t any children to read the books to. 😦 )

Please respect that and do not ask me to reconsider my stance. If I decline, do not press me. I don’t appreciate being told “you’ll love it” when I’ve clearly said, “No, thank you.”

Thank you!

10 thoughts on “Get in Touch!”

    1. I’m just sore but I’m okay besides. Thank you! The whole thing happened so fast. I was exceedingly lucky that my glasses were the only thing (beside the car, of course) that didn’t make it.
      My mom got me a pair of readers to tide me over, but they give me a headache like no other!
      I feel so bad, that I’ll be so behind on everything. But I’d rather be behind and owing than not here at all! 🙂


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