Top Ten Tue–wait. It’s Thursday!


Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

This week’s theme is “Auto-Buy Authors”. This was actually harder than it sounds because picking ten was a challenge. There are a few, whom I need little of no thought about. Others, you know the struggle–you eventually get them, but you have to ask, “Do I need this…or gas more?” LoL. You know what I mean. You’re also probably side-eyeing my posting because today is Thursday. I’m trying to get back in the swing of things…I should be on time next week. *Should*.

Haha! ❤ Anyway, enjoy! xxUntitled-2


C.W Gortner. You all know by now that C.W Gortner is, was, and always will be an author I adore and whose work I will always support. He’s a brilliant author and if you happen to have him on Facebook, you’ll get a glimpse of the man behind the books. He himself is as intriguing as any of his main characters., Check out his work; you won’t regret it, I swear it.

Stephanie Thornton. We stan Ms. Thornton up in this blog! It’s as I said, her profession is a teacher, which is excellent, given that she educates through her spectacular work. I could be biased, given my love of history, but I think if you give her a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

Stephanie Dray. I loved her Ancient World novels…but her last two books, written with Laura Kamoie, have been absolutely outstanding. I LOVE American history so to see books about Eliza Hamilton and Patsy Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson’s daughter? My heart, man. It just about burst. Haha.

Diane Haeger/Anne Girard. I discovered Diane’s work when I was in High School still. One of those moments when I was hanging out in the school library and was looking for something to read during math class. I mean… >.> Well, I happened upon one of her books. I ended up reading through lunch, math class and on the bus on the way home. I’ve been a fan since.

Deborah Harkness. I fell in love with Discovery of Witches series. Now? If she puts anything more out? I will pre-order instantly. Diana and Matthew–Matthew in particular–just grabbed my attention and had this ‘warmblood’ dying for more. That I watched the series didn’t help! More, I say! Haha.

Sarah J. Maas. This seems surprising to most people. I confess I’m still working through her Throne of Glass series, but the ACOTAR series grabbed me and hasn’t let me go. Since then, I’ve been doing my best to make sure I always grab her work. And someday…I’ll get the five TOG books I need.

Ann Rinaldi. This isn’t a fair one, but for a while, she really was one of my auto-buys. I had to read her book ‘In My Father’s House’ for school and do a book report on it, and afterward, I was just in love with her work. I grabbed so many of her books. Sadly, I’ve lost a number of them through the years, but there are a few I still have and I don’t foresee myself ever getting rid of. Fun fact: It was Ms. Rinaldi’s book, ‘A Wolf By The Ears’ that brought Sally Hemings, Thomas Jefferson’s mistress/slave to my attention. I literally would save lunch money to buy her books. Especially during the Scholastic Book Fairs, heyyy. (Remember those?!)

Jean Plaidy. I love love love her Queens of England series. I’ve read them all, but I am trying to buy them because I simply love them. Sadly, Ms. Plaidy won’t be putting out any more books, as she passed away in 1993. Fortunately, she left quite the backlist for me! She wrote near 200 novels in her lifetime under several different nom de plumes.

J.K. Rowling. When it comes to Harry Potter, I’m a glutton. I have all seven novels, of course. I have ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ in the Gryffindor edition as well as Slytherin. (The Gryffindor one was sent by mistake; I just got to keep it.) I have the illustrated editions and History of Magic, which my dear Auntie Pat brought over for me from England! I, however, do not own and never will, ‘Cursed Child’. No, thank you.

Anne Rice. This is probably a cheat since I don’t feel this way about her anymore. I used to be so hardcore obsessed with The Vampire Chronicles. Lestat and Louis just..stole my heart. Louis in particular. The tall, dark, brooding bibliophile vampire spoke to me. I loved that despite his becoming a vampire, he managed to remain very human in certain ways. I wish Louis had been the narrator of more series, not to slight Lestat. But then, Ms. Rice said she was done writing the series…and when she came back; the spark that had made the series so fantastic originally was gone. I think I began to fall off the fanwagon when Blood Canticle came out. That first line..all these years later: ”I want to be a saint! I want to save souls by the million!” Gag me with a spork, Lestat. You’re a vampire.


There were quite a few other authors I’d have included, but I think this list is good. I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know who you guys picked/would pick.


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