Mailbox Monday!


I seldom seem to do a Mailbox Post anymore; mainly because contrary to belief, my mailbox does not possess a book in it every day. Thus; I figure I’ll do them when I have a good amount to share. I’m quite delighted to share this with you guys; not pictured is a book I’m getting on Wednesday, obviously, but I will be posting about it once I get it. (I hate not knowing! lol) I also got the stunning Bloodleaf and a memoir by Ruth Reichl. If you are a foodie, you may remember her name. You may also recognize her from Top Chef Masters, where she was a judge. (Love Top Chef!) If you’re not, Ms. Ruth used to run Gourmet, which is a magazine put out by Conde Nast. I always enjoy hearing about women running the show, so I’m looking forward to reading this.

The Comet Seekers isn’t a book for review; it’s actually just a book I won on Twitter, much to my own surprise. I plan to review, however, when I finish it. I’m looking forward to it as the premise seems quite fascinating. Another one that I can’t wait to dive into is American Pop! It tells the story of a family who builds a dynasty and makes a name for themselves on soda pop. I may start that later on. Enchantee is one you guys know I have been positively dying to read. I am loving it thus far and look forward to sharing my review with you.

Each of these books is brilliant–you can tell even from reading the blurbs on the back. Tomorrow you’ll see a spotlight for ‘That Churchill Woman‘, followed by a review this week. I’m not done reading it yet. I hope to have Learning to See done too. Good Riddance will come sometime next month.

Have you guys gotten any new books? Let me know! ❤

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