2019 Reading Goals…!


I know I said it the other day, but I can’t believe that it’s 2019 already. It definitely is a little mind-blowing. I also said I’ll be 33 this year and I have to admit, I feel old! Some of you bloggers are so much younger than me! I am, however, thankful that you all are so wonderful to me and don’t treat me like I’m an old bat, haha. I never talk down to any of you because I respect you, your work, your efforts, everything. I definitely aim to get to know more of you this year, that’s to begin my goals.


So, number one: Read and follow more blogs.

I absolutely adore all of the work that every one of you in this community do. It’s infectious and you inspire me. You’re all so passionate and it makes one excited for whatever book you’re promoting. So I would certainly like to read more of them and get to know you guys.

Number two: I would like to finish up the Throne of Glass series along with the Three Dark Crowns series, catch up on Miss Peregrine and ACOTAR and begin another. Leave some suggestions below! Especially ones similar in nature; I do enjoy stories like this. I’m presently on Throne of Glass, which was a gift through #BookishWish. (Thank you so so much, Kailey!!) I just need to get the five in the middle…lol.

untitled-3 untitled-3x

Number Three: I would like to read more out of my comfort zone. That said, I want to read some more biographies, autobiographies, Sci-Fi, and all sorts. I’m still not on the romance/erotica train and so I won’t aspire to that. I will, however, give most anything else a try. I loved biographies when I was a kid. But I seem to have gotten away from those. I also aim to read more classics. Maybe reread some. I think that reading those is important. Some of those touch on the issues and concerns of the past, which I often find are not dissimilar to things we face now. Change the fashions and technology and most of the human experience is the same.

Number Four: I also want to read more diverse reads! This is a beautiful world, full of people who are different than me and I embrace that. I need it in my life. I think diversity is a beautiful thing. Can you imagine if we were all the same?

I also want this book something fierce. I love all things Hamilton. I’m saving for the album on vinyl too. (Which is gonna cost a small fortune, but I call it an investment, lol.)

I’m looking for a mind at work… (work, work!)Β 

Number Five: I also need to tackle my TBR pile, which is pretty big. My kindle is not in the picture, so I’m working on physical books and galleys. I enjoy the challenge, but I do miss reading the books I have already. I’m sure this is a struggle that you lot understand better than most!

5 thoughts on “2019 Reading Goals…!”

  1. One of my more blogging-oriented goals is also to follow more blogs and also just generally comment more instead of just mindlessly reading and liking. So this is me commenting that I want to comment more, which is kind of comment-ception-y for me…

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