Top Ten Thursday.

Top Ten Tuesday and its a freebie! I also meant to post this on Tuesday, so it’s a Top Ten Thursday post, haha. I was going to do something spooky but I really just wanted to do something fun and I decided I would list my top ten Harry Potter characters. And since it isn’t Halloween anymore…it doesn’t make much sense to do something spooky.

1. Hermione Granger. I saw a lot of myself in Hermione. That I’m a bookworm and I da282ace-4063-44b8-be42-a95428403fb2.giftend to follow the rules–unless I found/find a cause worthy enough to bend them. The bushy hair, the big front teeth–I had my adult teeth in and they stuck out for awhile there, lol. Really, the whole experience of being a girl who was bullied and wanting a friend or two, I felt it deep down. I’d been there. Not to mention growing up struggles! I love Hermione and I always will. She stood up for her beliefs (SPEW, anyone?) and wasn’t afraid to put hard work into things. She is definitely a bad ass.

2. Dumbledore. I know many people see him as being problematic because he never told84bd859e-fab6-46f2-b896-48e5efeb68ce1049539708.jpg Harry certain things until after he needed to know or not at all. But I trusted him and I still do. He was a flawed man as most are but I found him to be kind with good intentions and rather wise. Whether or not he is actually gay has never mattered to me. I always saw him as Dumbledore. Headmaster. Defender of Hogwarts. He saw wrongs and tried to right them. He was a good man.

3. Bellatrix Lestrange. I love an unrepentant villain and villainess. There is no denying 1eecce54-296e-4992-981d-3c75f426e149.gifthat Bella is one of those. I almost wish we had gotten more with her because I’d have no issues reading more about her earlier life, her years at Hogwarts and then as a Death Eater. She was so dark and mysterious, evil and as I said, unrepentant. I was disappointed when she died, because she was one of my favorites. (I know! What’s wrong with me?! Lol.)


4. Hagrid. I find it impossible not to love Hagrid. I absolutely fell in love with his character from the first page we are introduced to him to the very last. (“Yer a wizard, Haree!”) His was a heart of gold and he was a fellow who you found you would be happy to call ‘friend’. As I wish he were real, I suspect that I am not alone in that.

5. Professor McGonagall. I said in a previous post that if ever I have a daughter, I would a200b70b-dade-4a09-a0f7-d4e236a19fb6.gifname her Minerva. I love her because she is a firm figure, one whom you could always reply upon. She was strong and wise, sassy and graceful. (Like a cat, one might say. 😂) she also had those unexpected moments where she could make you burst out loud with laughter.

6. Percival Graves. Whilst I realize we know little about him, Colin Farrell played him amazingly. He was a well dressed man, one who clearly knew his job and did it well. add3677e-a263-4ede-bb65-5f41e1d3a27c.gifHow did he become Seraphina Piquery’s right hand? How did he get his job at MACUSA? What house was he in at Illvermorny? Give me a life story, please! Haha. I need to know if he is dead or a prisoner. I really want to see Percival get revenge or at least to help rid the Wizarding World of Grindelwald. I admit I am also a teensy bit biased. I just really love Colin too.


9a3a5e7d-c824-4651-9fa1-f35d65aa6fe2.gif7. Luna Lovegood. I have so many friends who dislike Luna and I just can’t understand why. I adore Luna and perhaps its because I feel such a connection to her being so whimsical. She is a good hearted person, quirky but delightfully so. She means no harm to anyone and is really just a joy. I always enjoyed her, both in the book and on screen.

8. Draco Malfoy. The boy who had no choice. I truly believe that he was in possession of6d41d22e-ce50-4df1-bab0-63fc21b80b5c.gif a good and kind heart. However, the machinations and ambitions of his father made him think he had to have this hard shell that oozed confidence and made everyone believe in the superiority of the pureblood Malfoy family. I get the distinct impression that Narcissa encouraged that tender side of Draco. I always will believe that Draco grew to be a good man, a good father with no prejudice and that his mother had something to do with it.

9. Hogwarts. Does the school count as a character? Because it’s pretty vibrant and lively. 1de51f19-bf6a-4665-9514-31de31b80f3a.gifI always felt that it was a character in itself. A home away from home. I could envision myself there, could hear the students, the ghosts. I could feel the excitement as if I were heading into the Great Hall or to the common room. (Slytherin for me, cheers!) But you get what I mean. Hogwarts is more than a place. It has a heart, a pulse. It is just as alive as everyone and everything.

Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.’ ― J.K. Rowling

10. Snape. Before anyone tells me what a horrible person he was, trust me, I know. I still 15ae0f0e-fdda-4ef9-8e4e-03b40eb35e2c.giffelt something for him. He was this terribly lonely boy who grew to be a bitter man because a lot of people were shitty to him. However, he was also horrible to people, so there’s that. Yet..despite this. He steps up when asked to be this double agent. It must have been undeniably hard for him. He is a cruel character and so very flawed but I still love him.


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday.

  1. Brianna @ Brianna the Bookworm says:

    Aw what a great post, Clarissa! I’m so glad to see Snape on your list – he’s definitely a controversial character, but I felt the exact same way about him. Also, I loved that you included Hogwarts as a character; that’s so true what you said about it! It really does feel like more than just a school! ❤️

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