The Storyteller’s Secret {Review}

51gc3g1ssxlThis was a very interesting read. I have to say that whilst I couldn’t always relate to Jaya’s struggles, I still liked her as the main character and I found her interesting. I loved how vivid the scenery was written and I liked how the characters seemingly came to life. Whilst not as lively as some books, it did well for this one. Whilst there are occasional moments where it’s emotional, it isn’t very overwhelming. You’ll be able to read through. However, Jaya is on her third miscarriage, so if that is a trigger, you may want to be wary.

The author is stunningly talented. I found that to be very apparent. Yet, I still found myself wanting. You know when something doesn’t quite click for you? That was this. I just couldn’t get into it 100%, I felt like Ms. Badani was holding back. I wish she hadn’t because I wanted that emotional read that was going to leave me reeling. I wanted to get lost entirely. Yet, I did not. But I still enjoyed myself, I enjoyed the story.

We get to see a journey of personal growth for Jaya and as I get older, I feel that way. I did relate there. I wonder who I am? What am I? I think it’s wonderful to be able to search and find oneself, or a portion of oneself.

My biggest complaints would be, I couldn’t really gauge the time frame. Were we in the present day? Because even though Jaya is a blogger, she makes it seem like no one has cell phones. Even in poor countries, people seem to have them. She also makes mentions of scarves that’d sell in the states for hundreds of dollars, selling for 5 or 10 rupees. That doesn’t sound correct to me, but I don’t know. I could be wrong.

Another mention that had me scratching my head was when Jaya’s grandmother brought someone from the ‘untouchable’ caste into her home…and no one freaked out. The castes, from what I understand, are very much respected and you don’t cross them. But again, I could be wrong. I’d welcome being corrected.

The ending of the book was pretty predictable, but if you like that, that is all for you. It disappointed me slightly but I still enjoyed it overall.

  • I’d give it ★★★ stars.
  • I received this in exchange for an honest review.
  • I might recommend this to a friend.

1 thought on “The Storyteller’s Secret {Review}”

  1. I haven’t read the book, but yes, you are right about people freaking out at untouchables entering their houses. Unfortunately even today there is a dividing line. So it does seem like the author’s wrong there.
    Everyone has cell phones today.
    Scarves aren’t as expensive here, but nothing is available for 5 or 10 rupees either.
    Your review makes me want to read the book 😀

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