Top Ten Tuesday!

This week’s theme is Authors I’d Love To Meet. I was going to pick just living authors but this time, I went with both alive and dead. Why limit myself? Picking ten was actually quite a challenge because there are so many that I’d simply love to sit and chat with. I am actually very shy in person, so it would take me a little bit to get warmed up. I am including honorable mentions at the bottom too because I really found it hard to limit myself. I may revisit this subject so that I can expand upon it.

Here we go!


1. Louisa May Alcott. It’s a given that I would like to meet her, considering she is the brainchild of one of my heroines, Josephine March. I have always found her fascinating and there are so many different things that I’d like to ask her. I would also like to thank her for making such a wonderful story that has lasted through all of these years and been such an inspiration to my life.


2. J. K Rowling. Well, this is rather obvious, methinks. I’ve been in love with the Harry Potter series for years. I think I would ask her a few questions about things she’s said. I know some people find her statements controversial and I would like to know what’s driven her to say them. But I”d still like to thank her for creating a magical world I still love escaping to. Her statement of Hogwarts always being there to welcome us home, be it by page or screen is so poignant.


3. Margaret Mitchell. How could I not include Ms. Mitchell?! Without her, I’d have no Scarlett! I wouldn’t have my “spirit character!” That’d be heartbreaking. I love Gone With The Wind and I would have to ask what she thinks of the sequels written. I wonder if she’d tell me if Rhett and Scarlett ever got back together in the end…


4. Susan Elia MacNeal. We’re Facebook friends and I’d love to sit and talk to her about Maggie Hope and how she got inspired to write a whole series. I wonder if the Maggie Hope series is going to be the only books she ever writes or if she has other plans for different things. She’s really fun to follow and listen to her thoughts on things, so I imagine sitting and talking to her in person is no different.


5. C.W Gortner. I’m Facebook friends with him too and I would seriously love to meet him in person and just sit back and talk. I think we’d start with me fangirling…and then move into current events and eventually talk about pets. He’s very passionate about animal welfare and I just genuinely think we’d have a fun afternoon. I never tire of reading his work.


6. Stephen King. His books scare the ever loving hell out of me. Okay, I’ve only read IT, but it scared me. I’m afraid of clowns and Pennywise is scary. I’d love to sit and ask him how he comes up with this stuff. I’ve seen more movies based upon his books and I just have to know, “how?!” I wonder if he sleeps well at night…🤔


7. Anne Rice. Speaking of writers who write Horror….Anne Rice is a given. She inspired my fascination with vampires. I started reading her books when i was 13? 14? How could I not want to meet the woman who came up with the brat prince himself, Lestat de Lioncourt? Though the last two (three?) Lestat books were a big ‘no’ for me, I still love the originals.


8. Edgar Allen Poe: I’ve loved his work since I read it in English class. We had a ball reading it aloud. My first interaction with him was ‘The Cask of Amontillado.’ Damn, that story was something. I remember very fondly going to the bookstore and buying a collection of his work. I devoured it.

I’d just adore sitting with him. And don’t worry Edgar, dinner would be on me since you were usually kind of broke.

9 + 10. F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald. I am pairing them together because they simply belong together. I  love their individual writings and yet, I love them both together. They weren’t good for one another; a bit toxic, yet they still passionately loved one another and I confess some jealousy that I will never have that sort of affair. Can you imagine partying with them? Yes, I’d love an evening with them.


Honorable Mentions:

Mark Twain, Alice Walker, Dr. Maya Angelou, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Victor Hugo, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson.


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday!

    • Clarissa says:

      I would love to talk with him. He’s fascinating. I’d love to know how he gets his ideas, but also, he just has interesting views of things and I’d like to hear his thoughts on that too. Seems like he pulls no punches.


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