About The Blogger!

I saw this over on Kaleena’s blog, Reader Voracious. It was created by Bethany over at Bibliophile’s Binge!  I thought it would be fun to do something not quite book related and introduce myself more to the newer followers on my blog.


17626483_10155907965379428_156011700125902827_nName: Clarissa Marie.  But you can call me Riss or Rissa. Or Clary, like Miss Fray from The Mortal Instruments. (I’ve never read those, actually.)

32 [My birthday is 9/9!]

A little bit of college. I ended up dropping out. But I read voraciously and I keep on learning. I attended East Stroudsburg North High School up in Pennsylvania. I am part of the graduating class of 2005. (Let’s go Timberwolves!!)

Florida, USA by way of Pennsylvania and New York.

Disabled. But I keep busy with my blog and I think of it as a part time job. I just get paid in books. 🙂

These are a few of your favorite things: 
My dog, Tessie, Disney movies, my record player, books (obviously), taking pictures and all sorts of things like that. I’m kind of an introvert.  I also love to write and use Photoshop.

Is there a story behind your blog’s name? Originally I used ‘With Her Nose Stuck In A Book’. But I was afraid Disney would sue me, lol. So I made a play on ‘Clarissa Explains It All’ by making it ‘Clarissa Reads It All’.

What are you looking forward to right now? 
I don’t really have anything I’m looking forward to, actually. I hope my Uncle and Aunt visit soon; and maybe my bestie Cat.

Favorite Ice Cream: 
Chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough, mint chocolate chip.

Coffee or Tea? And how do you take it? 
Coffee. I love Starbucks’ ‘White Chocolate Mocha’ and I love their ‘Peppermint Mocha Frapp’. I don’t add anything to it. It’s just tasty as is.

Favorite Thing To Do On a Rainy Day: Read! Obviously. However, I like to listen to it rain, put some classical music on and just enjoy it.

Favorite Movies: 
Gone With The Wind, Wizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast.

Favorite Books:
I’ve said it so many times, so I’m not saying it again, lol. I’ll give you a hint though, one of them is mentioned in my favorite movies.

Good hint? LoL. 

One Item on Your Bucket List: Go to the UK!!

Scariest Thing You’ve Ever Done: 
I went helmet diving in Mexico! What an experience!

Fun Fact or Two: 
I was the class clown my senior year. Everyone kind of knew me and I liked the recognition. I just enjoyed the ever living hell out of making people laugh.

I have apparently been saying since I was a little girl–before I ever saw or read GWTW–“Tomorrow Is Another Day.” My parents tell me I’ve always been a “regular Scarlett O’Hara.” If it’s meant as an insult, I don’t take it that way.

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