WWW Wednesday!

I know I said something similar last week, but does it freak you guys out how fast this year is going by? It’s August already! And I’m a month and one day away from birthday number 32. I’m just in awe. I mean…where is time going? Granted, I’m looking forward to things happening–it’ll be primary day here and I can’t wait to vote. Make sure you’re registered! Your voice counts! And I’m, of course, looking forward to my birthday. Yearly trip to Books-A-Million!

I’m dying to get started on this one. It looks so good and I’m just over the moon to finally have it. I tried to get an ARC but that didn’t pan out. But it’s a-okay because Book of the Month had it. 😀

I finished MJ Rose’s Tiffany Blues! My review comes soon and I have an interview with her soon. Color me excited!

I am so in love with this story. I’ve had it on my shelf for a while but I had other books to read and I kind of forgot it. I would have finished it last night more than likely, but I was cross-eyed tired. But let’s just say, I am so grabbing up the rest of this series when I hit up Books-A-Million next month.

3 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday!”

  1. I’m hoping my book of the month gets here soon! That and book depository. I’m driving our poor delivery person crazy!
    And this year is going by way to fast 🙂 My old job is interviewing Santa Claus’ already!

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    1. Fingers crossed! You can sign up for USPS notifications! It’ll tell you when things are arriving!

      ….Omg, noooo. Too soon!! Lol!!


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