Happy Release Day!!

Guys. GUYS. I discovered a new series of mystery novels with a female lead who kicks arse and solves crime. It’s in the same vein as the Maisie Dobbs series and the Maggie Hope mystery series. If you know anything about me, it’s that I like a female sleuth who can stick it to the man, take care of themselves and look good doing it. I happened upon this book by coincidence and I plan to read the first two in the series as well. So to the author Mr. Lawrence H. Levy, Happy Release Day! ❤

9780451498441(Click the link to be brought to Amazon!)

In his third novel in the Mary Handley series LAST STOP IN BROOKLYN award-winning television writer and two-time Emmy nominee Lawrence H. Levy invites readers on an extraordinary adventure that seamlessly intertwines history and mystery.

It is a case of marital infidelity that lures private investigator Mary Handley to Coney Island at first—though she quickly realizes that dark secrets are buried beneath the sandy beaches and amusement parks of this Brooklyn outskirt. While in the midst of her mundane investigation, Mary is contacted by a man who asks her to investigate a gruesome murder case that petrified New Yorkers and landed his brother, Ameer Ben Ali, behind bars. Three years ago, a prostitute was brutally murdered in her New York hotel room by an eerily adept Jack the Ripper copycat, and Ameer was convicted based on circumstantial evidence and rampant racism—but the true killer is still at large.

Through a plot that interweaves a mystery narrative with historical fact in a style reminiscent of Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs and Susan Ella MacNeal’s Mr. Churchill’s Secretary, Levy brings to life a bygone New York on the brink of modernity. Readers will be captivated by our beloved female sleuth as she confronts deep-seated prejudice and defies social mores in a case that forces our quick-witted, ju-jitsu-practicing heroine to question just how far these New Yorkers will go to keep their secrets.


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