[Hogwarts] Tag! You’re It!

I was tagged by the lovely ER @ Literary Tea. You should really follow her blog, I love it! One of those rare blogs that I do visit daily! ❤

So this is Hogwarts Tag! hogwarts_school_of_witchcraft_and_wizardry_coat_of_arms

Are you a Pure-Blood or a Half-Blood?

I’m going to go with Half-Blood.

Which wand choose me?


Did you take an Owl, Cat, Rat or Toad with you?


I’m allergic to cats, rats kind of scare me and I’d lose a toad, let’s be honest. Haha!

Where did the Sorting Hat put you?


Yo, I’mma let ya’ll finish, but Slytherin is the greatest house of all time. *mic drop*

What house did you want to be placed in?

I always loved Slytherin. I was just drawn to it although most people say I’d be a pretty good Hufflepuff. I’m proud of my house.

What lessons are your favourite and least favourite?

My favourite lesson? I’d have to go with Transfiguration. Least favorite would probably be Potions (because I’m not good at mixing things) or Arithmancy.

What is your Patronus?


Pottermore says it’s a Grey Squirrel. I really disagree! I’d have picked a dolphin or a giraffe (I just love them!) for myself.

What does your Boggart look like?

Spider. Oh for sure, a spider!

Did you partake in any magical hobbies or school sports?


Slytherin Quidditch supporter! I’ve no talent for sports, but I love watching them. I used to be in choir when I was in school so I think I’d have done that in Hogwarts too.

Where would you spend your spare time?

giphy (5).gif

The library and Hogsmeade, of course! I might use the Shrieking Shack as a good spot to read.

What would you most likely get detention for?

Wandering the halls at night, more than likely. Or for sassing a teacher. Never did learn how to shut my mouth.

What career do you want after graduating from Hogwarts?

Auror or I’d be a teacher at Hogwarts, I think. I’d love to be a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher! .

I’m tagging: 

Kris Marie


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