Happy Belated Birthday to Me!


196ac33352fbce181858e471b1cb51f6I’m newly 31! I celebrated my 31st on the 9th, but I didn’t really get to celebrate since Hurricane Irma decided to come visit. It was pretty lousy but I feel very lucky since my area was spared mostly. There are a lot of tree branches down, but beyond that, my family and I were very lucky. We didn’t lose power or anything at all. If that was my birthday gift from the universe, I feel highly appreciative. I fully intend on donating to help others who weren’t as fortunate and  if you can, please do. The damage is extraordinary and it will take a long time before things are ‘normal’ again, if they ever are.

Now, if you’ve followed me for a long time, you’ll know that I visit Books-A-Million for a bit of a shopping spree. I only got to go yesterday, which coincidentally would have been my great-Grandmother’s 116th birthday. (She was also a voracious reader, so it was fitting! I joked that I was celebrating for the both of us.) We wanted to make sure that we could get gas and such, which thankfully, we are able to.

Below are the pictures of my ‘loot’, as I call it. You can click on the images to enlarge them. I actually only got two or three historical fiction books, the rest are more on the fantasy/young adult side.

I’ll give you a pointer, because you’re probably thinking, “Holy crap, how much did you spend?!” Hit the Bargain Section! You can find such gems in there. Most of the books there, I found in Bargain. I think a lot of people turn their noses up, looking for the newest releases and such, which don’t get me wrong, I get it! But I don’t mind reading books that are several years old. If it’s a series, fantastic! Then I can work on collecting it and not drop a fortune to do so. 

Have you guys read any of these? What are your thoughts on them?

I didn’t realise this was signed until I got in the car–that was a pleasant surprise! It was the last one that I saw too, so maybe the Amazons were smiling down upon me, haha.IMG_20170915_163909[1]

Until my next post–stay safe if you’re in an area where storms are headed (Jose, Lee and Maria! Go away already!) and be sweet to each other!


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