tumblr_ou59n1gxos1tni416o1_400Welcome to Clarissa Reads It All! Formerly known as ‘With Her Nose Stuck In A Book’. I know it was a mouthful, so here we are with a slightly shorter name, but I hope it’s just as memorable to you as the other.

I’m back once again, having gotten burned out and also ‘rage quitting’. Bit stupid on my account as I’ve read some seriously fantastic (and some not so fantastic ones) reads and I’ve wanted to talk to you lot about them. Fortunately, I had saved the file with all of my posts, so I will have to fix the images and such, but it’s a process. I’m hoping to focus on new things and to share new books and such with you. It seems silly to give something up that you love. It was also the influence of less bookish friends who diminished my wanting to blog. I’m thirty years of age, but peer pressure is quite alive and well.

To you, my dear reader, I say–never stop. Do what you love. If someone wishes to stop you, then question if they’re a true friend to begin with.

With that, I welcome you to my piece of the web and I welcome your weirdness, your silence, your warmth, your entire being. Make yourself to home! And always remember…you are important. ❤